You Want Thingamabobs? I’ve Got 21.

April 10, 2015

“Here’s my advice ~ have a little faith, and if that doesn’t work, have a lot of mimosas.”


Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another birthday. Another post. Another year of mistakes I’ve made, but better yet, another year of lessons I’ve learned and good decisions I have made. If I’m not mistaken, about a year ago I published one of my first posts on Growing Champagnes sharing 20 lessons I learned from being 20. Now, with my 21st year leaving me behind for bigger and better things, I thought why not keep up with tradition and share 21 things I discovered at 21.


1. Wash your dishes as you cook. Done with that measuring cup forever? Wash it. Instead of piling up a million dirty dishes for you to cry about after, clean up as you go and thank yourself later.

2. Microwaved nachos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing but more as a very acceptable way to survive.

3. Always have at least $20 in cash on you. You never know when you might breakdown somewhere and need cash. You never know if a bar or a restaurant you end up at will be cash only, and it’s always easier to pay a bill in cash regardless. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy gas with cash too. And you never know when you might run into that adorable little girl scout selling those Samoas…you won’t be able to fight it…you know you won’t be able to fight it…and you’ll have cash :’)

4. Jimmy Fallon’s Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor The Tonight Dough is without a doubt the best ice cream to ever exist. Can’t wait for Free Cone Day btw. Can’t friggin wait.

5. It’s 2015. Girls are still the absolute worst. Obviously.

6. You can buy as many bras and cute pairs of underwear you want and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

7. Never ever forget your friends, your family, and your interests. Remind your friends and family how much they mean to you everyday, even if it’s just with a funny picture or a “thinking of you, have a good day!” text in the morning. And remind yourself everyday about what you love and why you love it. Never let somebody else change your mind about something you’re passionate about.

8. Suck it up and get into a routine. Wake up earlier, eat better, and work out. You’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and you’ll be able to take on the world.

9. You’re never too old to learn something from life and you’re never too old to learn something new from Boy Meets World. So go re-watch every episode. Because just like Cory Matthews, you never really stop meeting the world, and I think that’s the point of living.

10. If you’re dying to be somewhere warm with salty air and the smell of bananas, buy a ticket and get yourself there. Because now’s the time to do that. Now’s the time to spend money you don’t have, to explore new places spontaneously, and to get a tan in the middle of March. It will do good things to you. Everyone needs an ocean and sunshine cleanse every once in a while.

11. Never give up on people you believe in.

12. People leave and you’ll survive. I’m looking at you Zayn baby.

13. Having responsibilities is really, wait for it, hard. And sometimes the people you look up to and who are supposed to help you don’t. And then shit hits the fan. And you feel helpless and like a failure. But everyone makes mistakes, and as long as you always do the best you can do and be the best you can be, there is nothing to blame yourself for. Always think to yourself, “is this even something worth worrying about?” “will this affect me in the big picture of my life?” “will I even remember this in 6 months?” Hey. The answer 99% of the time is “probably not”, so don’t stress.

14. Yes you’re 21 and yes you’re still young. That’s so important. You have so much time. Of course people are going to ask you about your future, it’s their job. But the thing is, you still don’t need to know yet. You’re smart and you have a lot more going for you than you think. Explore. Now’s the time to really find out what you like, and more importantly, what you don’t. And it may shock you, but it’s okay to change your mind. Life would be boring if you didn’t and if you knew what you were doing all the time.

15. People will always spill drinks on you and it will always be cold. But you will dry eventually.

16. Talk. Don’t text. Get your true feelings out there if someone needs to hear them. Things can be misinterpreted through text messages and it’s not worth causing problems that don’t need to be caused when you can just have an adult conversation. It’s so important to understand how people truly feel by the way they speak and by the way they look at you when they do.

17. It’s alright to be sad, but always try your hardest to not forget what makes you happy.

18. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your twenties, people will still act like they are in high school. They will indirect tweet you, they will say things terrible things behind your back, and they will judge your actions. And although it sucks, especially if you’re like me, someone who takes things to heart and worries that people actually think those things about you, sometimes it’s better to not say anything. Don’t add unnecessary flame to the fire. It makes you look just as bad and they win. There will always be people who want to bring you down but it’s important not to let their words alter the way you think about yourself.

19. You can say no. Of course not to professionals, to your boss, or to your mom, but if you’re tired and would rather sit on your couch and eat mozzarella sticks than go out then do it. I guarantee you won’t miss out simply by saying no. Go out next week. Or the week after that. It will be the same experience.

20. Sometimes you need to step out of your boundaries and travel on your own to a place that has more to offer you. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have something you’re interested in, the right people, the right job, the right opportunities, go somewhere that does. Not to mention that traveling alone, being totally responsible for yourself, proves just how capable you really are.

21. Amazing things take time. They really do. And they will last if you want them to.






“I Love You” “Thanks” and 52 Other Definitions of Love

February 11, 2015

“Valentines Day, it comes every year whether you like it or not. It’s the day when your love life is put on display, where there’s always a chance for romance…or disaster. It can be confusing and it can be complicated. But at the end of the day, it’s all about love.”


Oh man, oh man, oh man. We all know what week it is, whether you choose to believe it or not, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. People are getting antsy. You walk around and hear the taunting words “Valentine’s Day”, “date”, and “but we made out once at 2am do I still get her flowers” murmured under people’s breath. Everything is pink and there are heart shaped boxes EVERYWHERE. Oh no single people, it’s time to roll your eyes at everyone who is holding hands and tweet even more excessively than you already do about how the only thing that you need in life is pizza. People in relationships? Congrats on the sex I guess. At least today you might get jewelry and some of those chocolates that you have to bite into to discover if it’s raspberry or caramel nougat.


Okay, all jokes set aside, what is Valentine’s Day? Why do we have it? I personally have never had a Valentine. Not once. But yet, besides New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day has always been my other favorite holiday. People may argue that it’s not a real holiday, that it’s just an excuse for couples to do something romantic and show the same love that they should be showing all year long. Some people may think that it’s just a holiday invented by the candy companies. But to me, Valentine’s Day isn’t always about being in love, it’s just simply about…love.


People freak out over the words “I love you”. To some people, love doesn’t exist unless you acknowledge it in front of other people. It’s something people only say when they’re absolutely ready. But I think there is a difference between saying it when you’re not ready and saying it too soon. I strongly believe that it’s important to not say it unless one really means it, but I also feel that people should be less afraid of saying it. You shouldn’t have to worry if it’s okay to say. You shouldn’t have to type it out and then backspace it because you’re worried of another person’s reaction. If you feel something, you feel it, whether it’s now or in 5 months, and who is anyone to tell you what you should or shouldn’t feel?


But what really is love? And why should people not be so afraid to say it? Someone very wise once said, “love is putting someone else’s needs before yours”, and he couldn’t be more right. You love your friends, you love your family, and I bet you love your significant other if you have one. And that’s perfect. Why? Because they’re important to you. Love can be so many things and it can be expressed towards so many people and through so many actions. As John Mayer once sang, “love is a verb, it ain’t a thing, it’s not something you own, it’s not something you scream. When you show me love, I don’t need your words, yeah love ain’t a thing, love is a verb.”


1. Love is being kissed on the forehead when you feel like your life is falling apart

2. Love is when the barista draws a heart on your latte

3. Love is sharing your french fries

4. Love is drinking wine from the bottle in your pj’s while dancing around your kitchen to boy bands of the 90’s with your best friend

5. Love is when a baby is born

6. Love is the look that a father has when he gives away his daughter

7. Love is the look that a groom has the first time he sees his bride walk down the aisle

8. Love is a fireside, warm on the coldest of nights

9. Love is the pure joy on a child’s face when they meet Mickey Mouse in Disney World

10. Love is staying up talking to the one person you would ever lose sleep for

11. Love is sitting with a small group of friends sharing a drink and just laughing for hours

12. Love is the time and care a teacher puts in with his/her students

13. Love is telling your best friend “no” when she asks if she can go home with that guy at the bar

14. Love is telling your best friend “HELL YES” when she asks if she can go home with that guy at the bar

15. Love is when someone shovels out someone else in the snow without being asked

16. Love is that crush you had in 3rd grade


17. Love is just being able to talk to someone easily

18. Love is being able to laugh with someone in bed

19. Love is being lifted off of the ground during a hug

20. Love is being with someone who wants to take care of you

21. Love is someone who holds back your hair and rubs your back when you drink too much

22. Love is someone who stands by you even after seeing you at your worst

23. Love is not letting pre-conceived notions get in the way when you meet someone for the first time

24. Love is when you and your best friend say the same thing at the same time

25. Love is when someone pays for you parking meter

26. Love is the way your dog runs to you when you come home

27. Love can be found in the phrases “can I grab you a beer?” and “I brought you food”

28. Love is being there for someone when they least expect it

29. Love is giving up your seat on the train for someone who needs it more than you

30. Love is unexpected flowers just because


31. Love is unexpected kisses

32. Love is being surrounded by family during the holidays

33. Love is being told that something reminded someone of you

34. Love is the way a child stands up for his/her imaginary friend

35. Love is when you spend months apart from someone and then, when you’re finally reunited, you pick right back up where you left off

36. Love is when your parents say that they are proud of you

37. Love is when your parents forgive you after you’ve done something stupid

38. Love is complimentary champagne and cheese plates with people who are close to you

39. Love is eye contact so you know that they are listening

40. Love is when someone holds your face when you’re sad so you feel protected

41. Love is when you’re talking to someone and they say, “I’ve never told this to anyone before”

42. Love is sharing an umbrella in the rain

43. Love is when someone is genuinely interested in you and gets excited about your dreams and your achievements

44. Love is when you workout with your best friend and she reminds you of all the alcohol you can consume afterwards

45. Love is when the pizza boy gives you a free slice of bbq chicken just because he felt bad he didn’t have any out when you asked the first time

46. Love is chocolate covered strawberries

47. Love is bacon

48. Love is the way someone looks at you when you’re not watching

49. Love is knowing that you would do anything for someone even if they break your heart in the end

50. Love is understanding

51. Love is laughing

52. Love isn’t a holiday, love is a finding someone who makes you want to show them that you care not one, not two, but 365 days a year

Valentine’s Day is like the elementary school holiday, a day where everyone should have a Valentine regardless of relationship status. It’s okay to love someone. Because at the end of the day, love is not having a date, it’s not a Tiffany Blue Box, it’s what you do for and how you feel towards the things you care about most.


So hey, happy Valentine’s Day, I love you, be mine?





Growing Champagnes II: 25 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

January 15, 2015

So I’ve been thinking. That’s a scary thought right? Here we are, already caught up in the middle of January and let me just ask, how are those resolutions going? If I had to take a guess, you’ve been on the couch for the past 14 days, just like me.

But hey, maybe you are a part of the 1% of people who were not hungover and got off of their ass on January 1st to do work on those resolutions. What does the inside of a gym look like? I wouldn’t know. Jk. I work out.

What are resolutions? No, not the dictionary definition. What are they really? Yes, they are inspiring and yes they are motivating, but they’re not always realistic. Now I’m not about to burn my old list of resolutions and forget about them. I’m still going to try my hardest to think about them everyday and maybe even look at them more as long term goals. But the following is a different kind of list, a realistic list, a list of many things that I know in my heart I can accomplish.


1. Eat more cupcakes: Cupcakes are lovely and I really don’t eat enough of them. There are so many cool cupcake places around and I want to find all of them. Baked by Melissa? I’m coming for ya many times this year.

2. Stop calling people like a dog: I do this thing where if I’m trying to get someone’s attention I pat my legs, clap my hands, and go “c’mon Susie! c’mon!” like I’m calling my dog. It’s annoying. And I’m sorry.

3. Get better at geography: “Oops! It’s your worst category.” I know Trivia Crack. I know. I’ve also been known to say, “let’s go up to Florida for Spring Break” when it should be “let’s go down to Florida for Spring Break”. Whatever guys.


4. Never stop being awkward: This one will be easy. It comes naturally and it makes me who I am. I embrace it.

5. Laugh more, laugh more at myself, with other people, and on social media: Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny, and laughing is so much healthier than being sad and emotional all the time.


6. Unsubscribe from all annoying email lists: Am I sure? Yes I am sure. Bye 3762473462 emails from Alex and Ani.

7. Be more punctual: I am stellar at telling people that I’ll be ready in 20 minutes and then don’t end up leaving my house for another hour. If I am meeting someone and we set up a time, I better be there, maybe 5 minutes early.

8. Drink more beer: Okay, yes this is an obvious one, but there’s so much more to it than going out every night to the same shitty bar with the same shitty people. Go to breweries, research different ale houses, try something new. If you’re visiting a new state, see who brews their own beer. Check out who has different selections. Believe it or not, beer can get even more awesome.

9. Stop rambling: If you know me at all, I talk a lot and I talk fast especially when I’m nervous, and most of the time my stories are pointless and I end up wishing I didn’t say anything at all. “It sounded better in my head” is the story of my life.

10. Learn how to not say “I don’t care” and “I don’t know”: If someone is asking me something, it’s because they want to know the answer. I have to learn that sometimes people do want me to make the decision and “I don’t care” and “I don’t know” aren’t always courteous words but maddening ones.

11. Learn how to say “thank you” and “I really appreciate it”: It’s good to fight for the bill sometimes and it’s nice to ask to split it too, but when someone really insists on paying, don’t argue and just say thank you. Mhm.

12. Be a better texter. We all know, I suck: I’m not usually the one who starts conversations. It’s not that I’m stubborn, it’s just not on my to do list to start a conversation through text message right when I wake up. I seriously do love talking and having meaningful conversations, so if you really want to talk to me, I promise I’ll respond.

13. Stop talking during movies: “I love this part.” “This next part is so funny.” “Oh my god, Elsa is me.” We get it. Shut up Emily.

14. Don’t buy more than is necessary while grocery shopping: Do I really need those chocolate covered Ritz crackers? My body says yes but my wallet says no.

15. Dress for the weather: I am the queen of not wearing clothes when it’s cold out. And then I get annoyed when people ask me if I’m cold. I think I’m just warm blooded.

16. Wake up earlier. I waste so much time: I just lay there and stare at my ceiling most of the time. Every once in a while I get up and run, and every time I do I feel so much better and more refreshed for the remainder of the day. I think that’s something I have to remind myself.


17. Watch a Ted Talk on how to not overpack: This will probably be a hard one. But I have faith in myself.

18. Be more confident: I have to learn how to take a compliment. I suppose this goes along with learning how to say thank you. And although this is something I’ve tried to do my whole life, I’d like to really stop categorizing myself with everyone else.


19. Learn to admit that I don’t actually know what something is: Yes gentlemen, women do like to be right all the time. I’m also an Aries, and they don’t like to admit they’re wrong. But it can be nice and refreshing to other people to just say, “Really? I had no idea! Now I know.”

20. Utilize my mini Belgian waffle maker: On Black Friday 2012, I fought for a mini Belgian waffle maker in Target. I constantly crave waffles. I have the solution to my problem yet I still complain. Probably because of Number 16.

21. Keep up with my laundry: I always wait until I run out of bras. And I have a lot of bras. Enough said.

22. Put an end to overthinking: I think we’re all a little guilty aren’t we? Of course we are. And no matter how many times someone tells you that overthinking only ruins you, ruins the situation, and throws your stomach into knots and just makes everything worse than it actually is, you can’t help but do it. My brain has too many tabs open. I’ll admit that I think the worst a lot of the time, but only because I’ve been hurt and I’m sometimes afraid to be too happy. But that’s not the way to think. Just be happy. I will. You should too.


23. Care more about what’s important, and less about what’s not: I think today’s society needs to put a lot of things into perspective. I think it’s time to start paying attention to what’s really happening in the world, not just what’s under your nose, and not Kim Kardashian’s ass.

24. Always do one more push up: Hey, if you have a goal to just do one push up a day? Do two.

25. Kiss more passionately: Because we all never want kisses to end, sometimes they’re over too fast, and you never know when one kiss may be your last.

Here’s to a spectacular year of Growing Champagnes.




Growing Champagnes: A Toast to Em’s 15 New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

December 31, 2014

“The ball in Times Square is suspended there to remind us before we pop the champagne and celebrate the new year, to stop, and reflect on the year that has gone by, to remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken, the times we opened ourselves up to great adventures…or closed ourselves down for fear of getting hurt. Because that’s what New Year’s is all about, getting another chance. A chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more, and to stop worrying about what if and start embracing what will be. So when that ball drops at midnight, and it will drop, let’s remember to be nice to each other…kind to each other…and not just tonight,

but all year long.”


Do you ever seem to notice that at the end of every year people tend to say the same thing: “well there’s always next year”, “next year will be better”, “next year will be my year”. But how long can you really keep saying that? Just like the year, doesn’t it get old? If you keep relying on the next year, and the next year, you’re not going to make anything happen this year. And when the New Year comes around again, you will forever be saying “well there’s always next year”.


But also think about this. What do you mean there’s always next year? Was this past year really all that bad or are you just focusing on what didn’t happen, rather than what did?

I bet you kissed someone this year and, regardless of how it turned out, I bet it taught you something.

I bet you met someone new who changed your life and is now, well, stuck with you forever.

I bet you saw a movie that inspired you, or listened to a song that maybe pulled on some heartstrings.

I bet you ate something delicious that melted your heart and brought some joy into your world.

And I bet you shared laughs, drinks, and tears, and made memories with people you love.

And isn’t that what the year is all about?

It’s about learning, living, laughing, crying, and making mistakes. It’s about growing as a person, even if it comes with some growing champagnes.


I love New Year’s Eve. It’s actually my favorite holiday. I guess I love it so much because there is so much possibility in 365 days. It’s like when there are 3 minutes left of a football game and your team is only down by a touchdown. So much can happen. There are so many chances to get things right and to really be the person that you want to be. And ok, maybe something didn’t happen this year, but that doesn’t mean it never will. You can make it happen. Of course with New Year’s comes New Year’s resolutions and resolutions are awesome. It’s great when you realize and actually make note of what you personally want to work on. If you don’t set any goals for yourself, what are you aiming for?


So here are my 15 New Year’s Resolutions for 2015. I’d like to share them with you so that A. I have witnesses so when I don’t follow my resolutions, you can all hit me in the face with a pie, and B. so that you may read them and think about what you want to do this year.


15. Travel more. I’ve always had these huge dreams of visiting these magnificent destinations all over the world, but there are even places I have yet to see right here in the United States. Philadelphia, Chicago, Austin…I just need to buy a ticket, hop on a plane, and meet new places.

14. Stop talking about Twitter and start talking. Who cares what somebody said on Twitter. Who cares who follows who on Twitter. Who cares who favorited what on Twitter. I think every once in a while, people need to separate themselves from social media and actually have a non digital, very direct, and meaningful conversation with someone else. That means less pictures of food, no “we met on Tinder” relationships, and just more…talking.

13. Give more to people on the street. I, just like everyone else, walk by with my head down whenever someone begs me for money on the street. I’m too consumed by my own problems and life to be bothered to stop. It’s terrible, yes, and some people may argue that it’s not our responsibility to give to beggars on the street. “We work for our money so they should too”, is what we all say. Okay, I agree, but homelessness is still a real thing. This year, if someone asks me for money on the street, I want to give them something else. Food. Words of encouragement. A warm blanket. Something that will keep them breathing a lot longer than a few pennies. Money isn’t everything you know.

12. Start making my coffee at home. Do you know how long it took me to become a Gold Card Member at Starbucks? Like 2 weeks. Ya. Enough said.

11. Stop worrying. I tend to think the worst about things, jump to conclusions, and push people away. I always feel like I mess up and say the wrong things, and I get paranoid that people are upset with me for something. It’s not that I aim to please people, but I do want to make them happy.

10. Stop apologizing. Sorry. Going along with myself thinking the worst about things, I very often blame myself for everything. Sorry.

9. Cook more. Yes, I have a problem. I crave a pizza and I order it. I crave a rotisserie chicken and I order it. I spend so much money on food and when I do cook it’s either pasta, kielbasa, or water. Santa brought me a crockpot, pans, and a cookbook one year and I laughed. SOS, I’ll be in charge of Thanksgiving dinner soon…

8. Call more people by name. It’s a little thing that goes a long way. “Hey Em, how are you?” is so much more genuine then a sup nod and a “Hey, what’s good”. I want to acknowledge people and maybe start more conversations.

7. Take more pictures on my camera, not on my phone. iPhone killed the photography star? Photography is so much more fun with a camera. You can do so much more! I want to have shoots, set up a tripod and play with different lenses, create photo albums.

6. Expand my life more artistically. I want to go to more museums and learn things like a child again. I want to stare at art and not understand it. I want to dress up and a see a show on stage. And I want to immerse myself in different cultures, go to festivals, and try new food.

5. Finish what I start aka my tv shows, my bucket lists, and my stories. I’m actually off to a great start considering the fact that I’m finally caught up with the Mindy Project (p.s. Danny and Mindy? FINALLY right?) I am also very good at writing lists, but like my millions of chapsticks, I very rarely finish them. And finally, I’m a really bad storyteller. I often start to talk and then either don’t stop talking about nothing, or I get distracted by something in the distance and never finish the story at all.

4. Learn to communicate effectively. I am the queen of miscommunication. I say things that sound good in my head and then realize only too late that it was not what I meant. It’s important to also realize who you are talking to and the situation you are talking about. “Communication is less about what you say and more about what the other party takes from that.” It’s true.

3. Learn to make my own decisions. “Where do you want to go tonight?” “Oh, I don’t care.” “Well what are you feeling like?” “Whatever you want.” I. Am. Maddening. It’s time for me to take control, answer the question with “I want to go to Diegos and order five plates of nachos all for myself because I am feeling fiesty”, and start making decisions. Lol.

2. Stop always needing a plan. Yes, when the time comes to make decisions I will try my hardest to make them, but everything also doesn’t need to come with an itinerary. Be spontaneous. We’ll decide where to go to dinner when the time comes. But for now? Let’s go with the flow. Let’s see what happens. Let’s have an adventure. 

1. Live life more passionately. I used to always think on the bright side of things and it’s sad because I’m not sure if I always do anymore. I want to find that girl again. I want to be excited about life, the things I’m doing, and the things I want to pursue. If you’re excited about life, life will become more exciting, and you will get so much more out of it than if you just simply live.

“Sometimes it feels like there are so many things in this world we can’t control. Earthquakes, floods, reality shows. But it’s important to remember the things that we can. Like forgiveness, second chances, fresh starts. Because the one thing that turns the world from the longing place to a beautiful place… is love. Love in any of its forms. Love gives us hope, hope for the New Year. That’s what New Year’s Eve is to me. Hope…and a great party.”

We all have growing pains but who’s to say that we can’t turn those challenges into growing champagnes, things worth celebrating. Because with every experience, you gain something too. Growing champagnes. Cheers to that. It’s been bitchin’ twenty fourteen.




Happy New Year 🙂




I Saw it in the Window: How Falling in Love is a Hell of a Lot Like Window Shopping

December 28, 2014


It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized how shopping and loving someone have a lot more in common than one might think. Everyone has been window shopping, especially this time of year when the windows are brought to life by beautiful displays, magical colors, and sparkling lights for the holidays. They are radiant and they are breathtaking, and while you stand there separated by the glass, there is a sort of “window” of possibility that lies behind them.


We all know how it goes. You look into a window and see something nice. Of course stores are only going to put the pretty things out there, the things that are going to catch your eye and make you want to come inside. But what happens next is what fascinates me, not because I’m a marketing major and have spent too many hours of my time studying consumer behavior, but because I notice how people fall in love.


Some people may discover that what happens depends on themselves. Others may believe that fate has a role to play. And maybe what happens depends on what time of day it is. A lot of the time, people window shop at night, when the windows are illuminated and it’s the perfect remedy when you need to make small talk or walk off a drink or two. So okay Em, let’s get to the point, how is window shopping like falling in love?


Think about this. You look into that window, you see something you like, and you may say to yourself, “hey, I can see that in my life. It would look lovely on my arm or in my home or on my bed.” So then what happens? Well, if you’re window shopping at night, most likely the store is closed for the day. Therefore, you may find yourself stuck in a situation where you are separated by something you can’t have, and, we all know, when you are separated by something you can’t have, how hard it can be to tell what might happen the next day.

There are a few things that could happen, behind that window of glass, that window of possibility. Perhaps after you see that thing you like, you walk away and forget about it. Kind of like seeing a beautiful stranger in line at Starbucks or on the subway. “God he’s attractive”, you think to yourself, but you know in your mind that you’ll probbbbably never see him again. Unless, of course, they happen to make the ultimate impact on you, you become intrigued, and when you get home you look them up on the internet. Maybe they come with free shipping?


But on the other hand, maybe you do decide to come back the next day. What happens then? I suppose no one can really say for sure, and perhaps that is fate’s cue. One thing that could happen is you come back the next day to find that someone else also had their eye on that precious thing in the window and it’s gone now. Or maybe that wonderful thing in the window was too good to be sold and simply an iconic decoration. Silly girl, what an unrealistic request, falling in love with that thing in the window that hasn’t been available for years. Of course everyone wants it, but you can’t have it. This happens far too often and it is what they call “disappointing”. But eventually, though it may take some time and pacing back and forth, you do walk out of the store and find something similar, and maybe even better, that perhaps you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.


However, you may also come back to find that thing in the window still there and it’s yours to have. And once you go beyond that glass window, you come to see it more closely. You can touch it, hold it, call it yours, and you may discover that it has even more qualities when you look deeper and begin to understand it. It has stories behind it and even as it grows older, it’s just as special as the day you first laid your eyes on it in that window.

I guess that’s what love is isn’t it? It’s about coming back for something when you might not have been sure and walked away the first time. It’s about taking chances, taking risks. Sometimes you lose it because you didn’t realize quickly enough how much you actually needed it.

But then, sometimes you win, and you gain so much more than what you just saw that first day in the window.


I love that.




It’s the Holidays and Everyone on the Street Is Holding Hands: And 51 Other Things We Care About This Holiday Season

December 25, 2014


Parental Advisory: Parts of this article are typical, basic, and what every single one of us (don’t lie) is secretly (or openly) thinking about this time of year.

Ah. ‘Tis the season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Candy canes and popcorn tins have been in CVS’s everywhere two months too early, Macy’s looks like the North Pole, and the Hess truck’s back and it’s better than ever. Red cups have returned to Starbucks, Paul McCartney’s “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time” and the 76327468463 different versions of “Jingle Bell Rock” are being overplayed by the minute, and children everywhere are suddenly doing everything their parents tell them to…because if Santa wasn’t already watching, he definitely is now. The season is magical and even though you may deny it, there are things that you definitely hope will happen to you between the day after Thanksgiving and New Years Eve.


It’s the season of lists. When we were younger, we may have asked Santa for a Felicity Doll or a race car track. At 13, makeup may replace dolls and race cars may turn into Xbox One’s. As we grow older, our lists start to change, and it eventually becomes harder and harder to answer the question, “Hey, what do you want for Christmas?” We tend to stop wanting the physical things and wish for more of the gifts that affect us emotionally. We start wishing for things like love, beauty, and changes in the weather. We start wishing for more time to be young and for a year ahead with good friends and good luck. And we begin to start realizing what Santa really needs to start delivering in his sleigh on Christmas Eve.


So here’s my grown up Christmas list, be sure to check it twice. Some things are silly, but others should really be considered. As always.

Santa can you hear me? For Christmas this year, if you are willing, I would like:

1. A little blue box.


2. I’m kidding!

3. A spontaneous adventure

4. For my hair to be in a perfect ponytail

5. For my nails to not chip the moment I paint them

6. Free shipping every day, all the time

7. For it to snow between Black Friday and New Years, but for it to stop on January 2nd

8. For utilities to always be included

9. For Saks Fifth Avenue to create a light show on my house

10. For my bagel to come out of the toaster perfectly toasted every time

11. For radio stations to perfectly time when you tune in so that they play your favorite song right from the beginning, and we can all avoid the “OH NO IT’S THE END OF THE SONG” situation

12. For Nutella to never stop being delicious

13. For pizza to never stop delivering

14. (((((that was a pun)))))

15. Free Diego’s Nachos…4 lyfe

16. For Game of Thrones to come back more frequently so I don’t have to wait a year of pure torture for 10 episodes of pure torture

17. For Gossip Girl to come back

18. For girls to not be crazy

19. To understand how guys think


20. For math to be easy

21. For Ticketmaster to be affordable for everyone, not just for those who can pay their way to the floor. And for them to never sell out of concert tickets

22. For New York to not be so far away

23. To get rid of student loans, allergies, and people who brake on the highway

24. For dishes to wash themselves

25. A kiss underneath the mistletoe ((((((I’m a mistletoe virgin))))))

26. A kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve ((((((((I am also a New Year’s kiss virgin))))))))

27. To hold hands underneath a light snowfall surrounded by decorated window displays

28. For people to stop worrying about things that don’t matter and can’t be changed, celebrities, the way other people dress, and what other people think of them

29. For that shy teenage boy to ask that cute teenage girl out

30. For that cute teenage girl to say yes

31. Because everyone knows that cute teenage girl likes that shy teenage boy too and that they’re meant to be together


32. For every girlfriend who has been waiting for him to pop the question to be proposed to this year in a beautiful way when they’re least expecting it

33. For every college grad to land an awesome job

34. For every child to have a safe hand to hold

35. For every one to have a friend that they can turn to at 2am

36. For people to not feel worthless and alone, and for them to know that there are people who will drop anything to be there for them

37. For people to never forget about those who have been and always will be there

38. For every single mom and single dad to have enough money so that their children may still get something from Santa Clause on Christmas morning

39. But also, for people to realize that Christmas means a whole lot more than giving and receiving


40. For more people to acknowledge other people

41. For everyone to give something when they walk by someone cold on the street. This is the absolute worst time of the year to be without a home and a family to find comfort in.

42. It is also the hardest time of the year to lose someone you love. I wish that people didn’t have to go through that either.

43. For everyone’s child to be healthy, and for those who may be hospitalized this year to not lose their faith or their spirit

44. For girls and guys alike to have more self-confidence in themselves and for society to boost that confidence rather than tear it down

45. More good personalities

46. Better conversations

47. More positive chain reactions, like being the 26th person at the Starbucks drive thru to pay for the person behind you

48. To be happy, happy for me, and happy for others

49. To love.

50. To be surrounded by people who love me.

51. And for you. For you to never ever stop believing in yourself, in love, and in Santa Clause

Miracles don’t just happen on 34th Street you know. Miracles are all around. Love, actually, is all around, and sometimes the realest things in life are the things we can’t see. Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing, as Judy from The Santa Clause would say, and if you believe hard enough, if you look hard enough, and if you love hard enough, Santa isn’t the only one who can give something on Christmas. So let me ask, what would you like for Christmas?

As some real wise men once said,

“Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

and Happy Holidays”



xo ho ho,


Hey, Thanks A Lot: 30 Things That Deserve Thank You Notes

December 5, 2014

Ok. I know it’s a little late. Thanksgiving was so last week. Turkey was so two thousand and ate. But let’s rewind for a second. You wake up on T-Day right? The smell of food wafting up the stairs and into your senses. And all of a sudden, you’re overcome with two feelings: one of them is hunger. the other one is thankfulness.

“Oh my gosh. It’s Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for everyone.*Proceeds to text to every1 in contact list. Inserts drumstick emoji*


Being thankful is so important. It reminds us of the things that really matter in our lives and that we sometimes take for granted. But, if you don’t mind me asking, what are you really thankful for? Are you thankful for the right things? Are you thankful at the right time? Or are you only thankful when things go your way?

Yes. Being thankful is so important, but being thankful for the right reasons is just as significant. So here I am, publishing this article approximately one week late because I believe that we should send thank you notes to the things that matter most (people, experiences) not only on Thanksgiving but every day of the year.

Some of these are silly, who would I be if they weren’t? But so many of them also need to be remembered.

So tell me, what are you really thankful for?


1. I’m thankful for sunrises and sunsets, the colors that are made when the sun, the sky, and the clouds collide. I’m thankful for those moments when you put your phone down and realize that everyone on Instagram actually doesn’t need to know what the sky looks like that day.

2. I’m thankful for the changing of the seasons, that first crisp morning in Autumn, the first snowfall, and that first day when New Englanders break out their flip flops because the thermometer hit 50 degrees.

3. I’m thankful that I live by the ocean and can run to the beach when I need to breathe and escape my problems.

4. I’m thankful for student discounts. I am a poor 21 year old girl who needs to save as much money as humanly possible for wine and french fries. So you’re going to offer me 10% off of that hat I really don’t need at J. Crew? By all means I accept! Every penny counts.

5. I’m thankful that it was my generation that grew up with the Harry Potter series and that Andy from Toy Story 3 went away to college the same summer I did.

6. I’m thankful that I knew the old Disney Channel, that I knew Boy Meets World, not Girl Meets World, and that to me the Lizzie McGuire Movie was more than just a film based off of a television show.

7. I’m thankful for foods that have multiple purposes. Like pizza and bagels. You can have pizza. You can have bagels. But you can also have pizza bagels. Amazing.

8. I’m thankful for garlic. Garlic bread. Garlic salt. Just everything tastes better with garlic.

9. I’m thankful that I can smell the smell of freshly baked brownies in the oven.

10. I’m thankful that I can hear music and laughter.

11. I’m thankful for music. It’s good for the soul and is something that will always be there to truly understand your emotions and whatever you may be going through.

12. I’m thankful for smiles, for people who hold the door for you, and for those who genuinely ask, “hey, how are you doing?” and really want to know.

13. I’m thankful for chocolate covered strawberries.

14. I’m thankful for waiters and waitresses who just know and give you separate checks without asking.

15. I’m thankful for Nutella and animal crackers being there for me when I get home too late on Saturday nights.

16. I’m thankful for movies, the ones that leave you inspired at the end, the ones accompanied by awesome soundtracks, and the ones that make you cry when you need to let it all out.

17. I’m thankful that I don’t get embarrassed easily and can laugh at myself.

18. I’m thankful for good personalities, they’re refreshing.

19. I’m thankful that I can walk outside safely and be able to look up and count the stars.

20. I’m thankful that I have the ability to dream and that I have a mind and an education to drive me towards those dreams.

21. I’m thankful for those who have stuck around, even when they’ve see me at my worst.

22. I’m thankful that even through the worst of days I know that I will wake up healthy the next morning in a warm bed.

23. I’m thankful for 2am phone calls when all I needed was to cry but it seemed as though all the world had gone to bed and I was drowning in its silence.

24. I’m thankful for the mistakes I’ve made and for the things that haven’t come easily to me. Life isn’t about doing things correctly all the time. Life is about learning. If things were just handed to you, what would be the point of living at all?

25. I’m thankful for my ex boyfriends for teaching me to not jump into relationships, to stop blaming myself for things that aren’t my fault, and for showing me what not to look for ever. again.

26. I’m thankful for my mom who knows when something is wrong without me having to tell her, even when I deny it. She’ll always be on my side, even when I’m wrong.

27. I’m thankful for my dad for being the strongest man I know, for always doing what is best for my family, and for being the best older brother I’ve never had.

28. I’m thankful for my girl friends who will always be the first to drop anything and take a bottle of wine to the face with me when boys make mistakes. They will always be the one’s to give me a slap of reality and remind me of what I deserve.

29. I’m thankful for my guy friends. The ones I can sit with at a bar and just share a beer and a laugh with. I can have meaningful conversations without judgement and can always count on them to be honest yet also make me feel like the best girl in the entire world. They tease you and fight with you but at the end of the day they love you and push you to stand up for yourself.

30. And finally, I’m thankful for you, whether you’ve loved me, hurt me, drank with me, laughed with me. You all are part of something special, the story of my life that has been, and that has yet to happen, and there’s nothing I’d rather toast to.

So hey,

Grazie mille.

Merci beaucoup.

Thanks a lot.



55967-thank-you-gif-kJG3  thank you 2images

Wtf Do I Do Now?: 46 Things That Go Through a Girl’s Mind When They Start Dating Someone After Being Single for Four Years

November 19, 2014

“I’m not good at this stuff. Talking. Communicating. Relationship stuff. If we were in a relationship I would become a weird scary version of myself. My throat starts constricting. The walls start throbbing. It’s like a peanut allergy, like an emotional peanut allergy.”

~Emma Kutzman, No Strings Attached 


I have only been in two “serious” relationships in my entire 21 and half years of life. I put “serious” in quotes because they weren’t even that serious. One was a silly and typical high school thing that lasted one month…if even that long. The other one I don’t count because it was absolutely horrible and no one else but myself should have ever gone through something like that. For me, I took it as a learning experience, but for anyone else, it could have been a hell of a lot worse. But all “seriousness” aside…I know what it’s like to be single as fruit. Single as a Pringle they say (although, Pringles aren’t very single are they. They are actually packed together very tightly and are constantly spooning. What a lucky chip. Must be nice). It’s not that I’m complaining about being single, that’s not what this is for, but I am just putting it out there that I’ve been very available for like ehhhh 48 months.


But I have been single because I have chosen to be, because I have learned to not jump into things, and to not be in a relationship just because I like the idea of a relationship. Of course I have definitely missed out on chances I didn’t take because I was scared of commitment, and I have and still to this day shut people out the exact moment they get a little too close to me. I never said it was always a good thing, but it does keep me grounded.


But the whole point of this article is not to talk about why I’m single, but to discuss what will happen to me when I’m not, whenever that may be.

4 years. 48 months. What the hell is a relationship? Do boys have to be walked? How many times a day? I honestly don’t know. So future boyfriend, when you finally ask me out, here are 46 thoughts that I guarantee I will have and questions that I will probably (definitely) ask Yahoo! Answers.


1. Shit. I need to shave.

2. Oh my god. Wait what color are his eyes. I’m such a bad girlfriend.

3. They’re hazel right…or are they just brown.

4. Oh they’re blue? THEY’RE BLUE?

5. Just because we’re dating doesn’t mean we have to fight. Oh but I’m sorry in advance if I hit him every time he makes fun of me. I should probably stop doing that.


6. Do I…do I send the good morning text? Is that my job?

7. Wait the idea of a “good morning text” is so commercial. I’ll just say hey bitch, have a good day. Shake up the system a little bit.

8. I kiddddd…I can be cute! I can’t wait to make him corny birthday cards.


9. Yeah I know his birthday. Of course I know his birthday. It’s. It’s on that day in that month.

10. Yeah that’s probably something I should learn.

11. I’m going to call him, tell him that I miss him, and give him friendly reminders that he is the absolute best. Just hearing his voice makes me smile.


12. Wait should I do that? Am I being too clingy? Let me just overthink this before I take action. 

13.  Did he just call me babe? Lol. That’s weird.

14. Oh he just called me babe. Hell yeah he just called me babe. That’s great!

15. Are nicknames a thing to do though…?

16. I have to share my bed…didn’t think that one through now did you Emily.


17. Does he snore?

18. Omg do I snore (insert monkey covering eyes emoji)?

19. Good news though, it is again finally acceptable to have sleepovers with my best friend every night (and to make pancakes together on weekends!)


20. He cooks for me right?

21. Oh wait! We cook together!

22. I am now concerned that I have to share my food.

23. And my french fries.


24. Speaking of doing things together, do we carpool now? Thank god, even with gas prices going down this could still be very efficient.

25. Wait and we can save water! We can now shower together without it being weird.


26. I have another schedule to keep track of now. When does he have class? When does he have practice? Does he lift? DOES HE EVEN LIFT?!

27. Oh. My. God. I can steal his clothes :’)

28. Wait so…we can actually go out and hold hands? We’re a thing now. We can do that. Oh my gosh. When people ask if we’re dating we can say…yes?


29. Well shoot though, instead of rolling my eyes every time my mother mentioned proper etiquette at dinner I probably should have listened. Because as of right now, you can’t take me out anywhere. I eat like an animal. A wild, ravenous animal.


30. UHHHH when do I buy gifts?!!?!!


31. What anniversaries am I actually supposed to celebrate? Definitely not months. Right. Yes. No. Please help. Asking for a friend.

32. Do I buy gifts on anniversaries?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

33. What do guys even like for gifts?! I feel like whenever I’m in a store I get all confident and am like “oh well LET me just tell YOU that if I had a boyfriend I would buy him the greatest things!!!” But now. I’m just. Like. Do you like butter tarts.


34. I hope he doesn’t get jealous when I tell him that I still plan on marrying Dave Franco. And that Channing Tatum will forever have the best jawline.

35. Do couples spend the holidays together?

36. Ooh Christmas parties galore with millions of aunts and uncles I don’t know the names of.


38. What about social media? Instagram pictures with cute captions? Is that a thing? Or is that something that is frowned upon by the single society?

39. A boyfriend is supposed to be there for you to love and to hold when you’re on your period, not moving on the couch, and just need cupcakes and a heating pad. Am I wrong? That’s just how I feel. Ugh, bless.


40. When do I meet the parents? And the siblings? The family cat? Oh my gosh I have to meet the parents. And the siblings. And the family cat.

41. But hey. I can finally change my answer from “no” to “actually, yes!” when everyone and their mother asks me during Thanksgiving dinner if I’m seeing anyone.

42. I can’t wait to tell my Dad that I’m dating someone. How do I do that. He may or may not cry. Oh no.

43. But you know what? I am so confident that my Dad will love him because he has only taught me to be smart and pick awesome guys.

44. Wow I’m so happy.

45. Wow, I’m so so happy.


46. And I am so lucky to be in love with my best friend.

This is going to be fun.


Single doesn’t mean you have to be looking for somebody, that’s for sure. And being single can be great sometimes. But don’t cut off relationships completely. A relationship can also be an awesome adventure when it’s with the right person.

I wrote this article to be more humorous than anything else. Obviously there will always be questions when you first get into a relationship, but you also have to trust that everything will happen naturally. Don’t stress yourself out over little things and just have fun! Relationships shouldn’t be all about questions. They’re about figuring things out when they need to be figured out and just enjoying what you have. And when the time comes for answers, don’t worry, they will find you.




The Ideal Gentleman: 29 Things I Hope to Find One Day

November 3, 2014

Come on ladies, doesn’t everyone have in their mind an idea of their dream guy? Maybe he has blue eyes, blonde hair, and a dazzling personality. Maybe he’s Dave Franco. Whoever he is, whoever he may be, you secretly wish that he exists out there somewhere. Well, he’s out there, but what is taking him so long to find you? Stop looking so hard. He’ll appear one day. But until then, a girl can dream.


These are some personal qualities, characteristics, and hopes of my own that make my ideal guy and a strong relationship. Some are more serious than others but I think they’re all important. Can you relate? Let’s see.

1. He must have dark hair.

2. And brown eyes.

3. Green eyes are good too.

4. He must be significantly taller than me. Not towering, but like 6’4′ is acceptable.

5. Can he clean up well? Can he look dashing on a night out? He’s a keeper.

6. His smile. Let’s talk about it. I’d love a guy who takes my breath away when he smiles. When he smiles at me I can’t help but smile too or giggle and look away. He does that thing where he smiles, looks at the ground, and then looks back at you…still smiling. Wow, I can’t.

7. I just want to catch him looking at me like all the guys do in Disney movies when the Princess isn’t looking.

8. My friends must approve. That’s extremely important to me. They’re the ones who know me better than I know myself  and will be the first ones to notice and tell me if something’s not quite right.

9. He must also approve of my friends. My friends come first. They were there first and they will always be put first.

10. I want him to be silly and great with kids.

11. It’s always so meaningful when people remember the little things. I want him to know that my favorite band is Parachute and that I know every word to the Parent Trap. Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson is my favorite song and I love sour patch watermelons and Alie’s donuts. And because I try not to expect anything, I love to be surprised.

12. I don’t want to play the guessing game. If something’s wrong, I want him to tell me and be honest. That way, we don’t have to leave anything unresolved, we can fix things, and we can spare any awkward silences and “are you okay?” “ya I’m fine” conversations. We can be adults.

13. I never want to go to bed feeling ungrateful. If you’re in a relationship and all you do is constantly complain about each other, why are you in the relationship in the first place? If I don’t fall asleep feeling thankful that I’m in love with my best friend, then something’s wrong and I need to reevaluate some things.

14. I like to laugh. I laugh at everything. But I need someone who can make me genuinely laugh every day of my life. He needs an awesome sense of humor and to understand that I am sassy and sarcastic 99.8% of the time, especially when I like someone.

15. He also needs a good sense of humor and shouldn’t take anything too seriously especially when it comes to my family. My family is crazy and they will pick on him, but if he can have fun and laugh at himself, he will fit in just fine 🙂

16. We should also be able to hate the same people and  sit on our couch with beer and just bitch about everyone after a terrible day.

17. I just wish for someone I can come home to who is a breath of fresh air.

18. Does he like dogs? Then I like him.


19. I hope that when we date, I feel comfortable enough to tell him EVERYTHING. everything. That’s so crucial. And I want him to feel the same way. I mean, why would you ever date someone you don’t feel comfortable with in the first place?

20. I also hope that when we date we actually go on dates every once in a while. Of course I will never say no to a night in together with a box of wine, Chinese takeout, and the Mindy Project or Jimmy Fallon. But it’s fun to dress up sometimes, to pretend the world is ours, and to act like there’s no one else in the world except for us.

21. I want to be that power couple that people want to go on double dates with because we’re just that fun.

22. I hope he is spontaneous. I’m not a boring person so I don’t want a boring relationship. If he’s my boyfriend, I have chosen him to be the one to go on adventures with and I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else. Live life with me, be fun.

23. Singing in the car is a must. If he doesn’t change the station when Taylor Swift comes on and actually belts it out with me I will marry him right then and there.

24. Nothing frustrates me more than girlfriends that don’t let their boyfriends go out with the guys. If I want to stay in and he wants to grab beers with his friends, by all means go ahead. There will be times when I’ll need a girls night too. It’s not a big deal. Ultimately, people should never ever control each other, guys and girls alike. It’s selfish.

25. Sex should be meaningful but also fun and comfortable. If I can’t laugh while having sex with him, maybe I’m not sleeping with the right person. Sex isn’t about tricks and tips and routines.


26. Speaking of sex, pizza for every meal of the day is something I’m very passionate about and that should be ok and accepted by him.

27. What rhymes with pizza crust? Trust. He needs to trust me above anything else. That is what drives relationships. In my past experiences, I’ve spent hours of my life wasting energy worrying about what I was doing wrong when really I wasn’t doing anything wrong at all. I was told I couldn’t see my friends and I was assumed to be someone I wasn’t. And I couldn’t explain that because I was constantly being put down and made to believe that I was a terrible person when in reality I just wasn’t trusted. When someone doesn’t trust you, you feel like the most unworthy and helpless person in the world. It is the absolute worst feeling and not to mention it’s emotionally exhausting. A relationship without trust is like a phone without service. And what do you do with a phone with no service? You play games.

28. With that being said, I’m going to trust him too. I am going to believe everything he says to me until he gives me a reason not to. I never let my guard down easily because of what I have gone through and learned from throughout my life so far. So if I do let my guard down for a boy it means I have strong faith in him, and I hope he respects that and won’t use it against me. It’s important to just be fair. If he ever starts to have feelings for someone else I can only pray that he can be real and honest and break up with me. I will respect him so much more for that. Who am I to say who someone falls in love with? I can’t control my own feelings let alone someone else’s. And why would I want to live a lie. I am definitely no mathematician, but I do know a relationship has not one, not three, but two people. Two people who are both fully there and not anywhere else.

29. Finally, I’m going to be his number one fan and I hope I can count on him to be mine. Everyone needs someone to count on, to be supportive. No matter what, I will always be happy and proud of him in everything that he does and I hope he can be happy for me too. I hope he cares about my feelings and what I believe in and love. Stand up for me and beside me, because I will always be there rooting and fighting for you.

With that, I really hope all of you fall in love with your best friend one day. And it’s ok to have standards. Set them high and know what you want. Don’t base it off of what anyone else wants.

Don’t look for love, it’ll come to you when you least expect it.

Until then, I’ll be waiting with you.





I Could Go For a PSL: 12 Reasons Why People Are Like Pumpkins

October 23, 2014

If I were a pumpkin, would you pick me?


People are like pumpkins. What a cute thought. As October is rapidly speeding by I thought it would only be appropriate to relate to something that every person, whether they like it or not, is exposed to this time of year. Pumpkins. In whatever form, pie, lattes, candles, Oreos, they take over the world every October. But have you ever wondered why people are attracted to them so much? It might just be because we are attracted to things that we can relate to, and pumpkins and people may have a lot more in common than you think.

1. Pumpkins come in all different shapes in sizes. Some are darker than others, some are more plump, some are short, and some are tall, but all pumpkins are beautiful except for the rotten ones.


2. People pick pumpkins based on what they like and what they are interested in just as people pick and choose the people in their life. And as previously mentioned, when pumpkins go rotten, sometimes they just have to be tossed.

3. Pumpkins can go in all kinds of directions and do different things just like people can. Maybe a pumpkin doesn’t want to be a pie, it can be a muffin instead.

4. Pumpkins look good without makeup.

5. But some pumpkins paint their faces too and that’s okay.

6. Sometimes pumpkins are cut up and torn apart in order to change their appearance, even if they were perfect the way they were before.


7. Pumpkins don’t like to be made fun of or used as an insult towards other people (like…when you call someone a whale…think of the whales. don’t you feel bad now. ya.)


8. This can make a pumpkin look sad.

9. Pumpkins have many emotions too.


10. Pumpkins idolize celebrities just like we do and sometimes they go out of their way to be just. like. them. 


11. Pumpkins also don’t like to be stabbed in the back but it happens anyway.


12. But in the end, even after all of the carving, they come out scarier and stronger than before with a burning fire within.

So boys you best be careful.

But what do I know,

it’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus…


Happy Halloween,